Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1

I've decided to challenge myself to post something everyday here on my blog.  I want to improve my  photography skills, which I so admire in others as well as writing. .   It will be a random post.      Here is my first day.

 This is a sunflower seedling.  I planted about 6 of them a couple of weeks ago.   I wanted to show how they grow and the size they get.  I purposely place a ruler (yes that is a ruler) just for you to get a visual on the size.     Exciting..hey. !!

 This flower or vine I should say is called Bougainvillea.   It is a tropical flower.  No, we don't live a tropical climate. More like a rainforest of lately.  This is probably the 2nd time we've had it in the garden.  I honestly can't remember what happened to the first one, so we shall see with this

So, stay tuned to Day 2 tomorrow..

Alice xox

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