Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Smiles

Yesterday was a day of overcast but no rain.   My husband was outside, and I followed him to see one of our clematis that was in bloom.  It was covered with the most beautiful flowers I've seen on it before.  So I quickly ran in the house for the camera to capture these awesome pictures before the rain came..   
Makes you smile
Up close and beautiful
Recently started a second pair of legwarmers for my nephews daughter's birthday in August.   She loves pink, so it was an easy decision.  It's the same pattern I just finished for her sister this month, I wrote about in the previous post "Ballerina Girl".     It was very much received with excitement and has been worn consistently.  A true winner of a gift !!!
Today this 24th day of summer and the rain has been pouring, but there really is something special to summer rain.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Alice xox