Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Gentle Art of Knitting

 Got my copy last night from Chapters "The Gentle Art of Knitting" 40 projects inspired by everyday beauty, by Jane Brocket. I've followed her blog for a couple years,great writer, photographer in all sorts of subject, now she's put out a knitting book too. Looking forward to making one of her funky colourful throw pillows..or socks..or pull over etc.

I have been baking biscuits for 3 days in a row.   I can say that I have been baking more in this week than I have in years.  I have also made muffins as well.   This is the blog/blogs that have inspired me Joy the Baker and Shutterbean, they also produce a fun, energetic podcast together. 
I made them a bit thin, but they have been delicious with Jam.  Super easy !!

Look who's got a new perch..Pixie !!   Jim built her a bigger "cat deck" so she wouldn't fall off, it's about 10 ft high.    She get's out through the window and sits perched out high and checks out the local wildlife.   She somehow can jump out the window, but wants us to pick-up her up to get her in..haven't figured that out it..I think she is spoiled ???   Only the best for Pixie..the construction of her "cat deck" is cedar boards.   They had been used elsewhere and now got put to good use.  She loves it !!

Hope all is well with you.

Alice xox

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gone to the beach

This is where I was at today.   White Rock Beach.    Haven't been there in years.   Today I packed a towel and lots of change for parking and off I went this morning.  

One of signs for me being in a happy  place is that  I go to the beach , to the ocean.   I don't necessarily go to lay out in the sun but more for the expansiveness of the ocean and the sand.    I did sit out in my  skimpies for awhile and then ventured out for look about.   Another sign I'm in a happy place is that I enjoy what I eat.   I had not intended to stay there through lunch hour (I didn't really have much plans for the day) I picked a hummus sandwith at a cafe and sat promped on a log and watched the passers by and happily ate my lunch.  

The sun was warm and the ocean breeze was fresh.   I packed my camera too, and hoped to catch some unusual shots but at the end they all looked the same...the ocean.

Love the colour of  this shell.

Bathing beauties

This a retired train station that is used as the local museum.   It's also a great place for souvenirs and local artisans.   This is one of my fav shots of the day, I still don't know what I'm doing with the camera with it's angles and zooms, but it's always a surprise when I see the shots I've  taken.

Close up of the beautiful basket at the stationn

 This was the extent of my body in the water.

 I  stayed into mid afternoon soaked up lots of sun, felt the quiet solitude of the ocean and had some fun chatting with other people hanging out too.   Being outside like that reminds of how vast we really are, and it takes nature to reminds us, we can't be contained in small boxes.

Alice xox

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mad about Madelinetosh

I think this may be the last (for now) of the Pretty Twisted by Cat Wong pattern I am making.  This one I'm keeping for myself. 

This time I  used a DK weight instead of a sock yarn as the previous ones, I really like the look.  Of course the shell buttons with a lacy motif  is such a beautiful effect to finishing.    I took the pictures today and our weather has gone back to being cloudy and cooler and I can see my goosebumps on my arm.  Made me laugh.

Here is a link to info on this pattern if you are interested.    It really feels great on not tight at all  and is a fun accessory.  Give it a try !

Alice xox