Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is Here

This picture was not even taken in our yard, I found these flowers in our neighbours yard.      We do have lots of daffodils coming up but none in full bloom except for this little stray that I found next door.    I did talk to my neighbour and found out that she had planted these little bulbs in herself from a gift basket she had received.  Never know where something is going to show up !! 

This cluster of crocuses I found out in the front yard and YES again in the other neighbours yard.  I did take a picture of our own crocuses, but this one was my favourite.  Love the contrast of the orange center against the purple of the flower.   

Last but not least is our very own bundle of beauties.  These are beautiful in their way, they look like a bouquet of tulips, but they are crocuses.    They are planted under an apple tree and they have been there for so many years I can't even remember, but they come back every year.     Crocuses don't like to be picked or at least not for me, don't last long at all indoors, so you just to appreciate them outdoors, where they belong. 

Happy Spring everyone !!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kathy's Irish Mist Gloves

Here is the pay-it-forward gift #2.   I hand delivered Kathy's gloves personally to her .    Kathy  was gracious enough to model these and just sent the pictures to  me.  They turned out great !!  They look so lovely on Kathy too !!!

So now I can tell you about them. 

Kathy has been a good friend of mine for many years so I know alot more about her tastes.   Kathy is an Irish  girl at heart.  She likes all things Irish...the country, beer..St. Patricks day , music, clothes..she even  owns and plays   the irish drum.   Wasn't sure how was going to tie in the Irish theme, but I knew I wanted to make her a pair of fingerless gloves.   Something simple and not too warm that you could only wear them in our winter months.  More versatile.

Thus, I found the yarn first which was green.   Forgot to say that Kathy's favourite colour is green !  Even THAT, sounds a bit Irish to me.   Anyways, I had worked with Madelinetosh DK, 100% Super Merino,  before and love it, and their hand-dyed colours are so fabulous.  This particular colour is called terrarium, it's in shades of olive greens.  Very striking !!

The pattern that  I used  AGAIN is the  Welted Fingerless Gloves     This must be my 3rd glove I've done in this pattern.  It has enough challenge and interesting knitting features to not get boring and it showcases the beautiful colourways of the yarn. 

You have an option of adding  buttons on the cuff part of the gloves.  This is something I do like to do as it adds a beautiful finishing touch. 
Did I mention that Kathy also likes vintage things.   So I found 10 vintage buttons at my local yarn store.  They are tiny and have an olive green sparkle to them.  Perfect choice.   Probably sewing the buttons is the challenging part,  I sew 5 buttons on each  cuff.  Lining them up perfectly is tricky.  I have resewed them several times. 

Now, I want to introduce you to little Edison.  Well he's not so little, but he is cute.  This is Kathy's doggie and one of her reasons for enjoying her new gloves.   The gloves keep her hands warm as Kathy's hands give her pain once in awhile.  But when taking little Edison out for his daily stroll, not in Ireland , but at least in her Irish Mist Gloves, she feels pretty lucky.  Maybe that is the only way I could tie in her love for the irish is in the colour and name and that she is lucky !!

Mr. Edison ready for his walk

 Alice xox