Sunday, May 17, 2015

Barrel Planting

Hello everyone, lets see how I do on this blog again.  Sorry for the absence.  It is so much easier to play on Intagram or Facebook where  you don't have to commit to much writing or pictures and you know you have an audience listening to you.

So where to begin, when you have been absent all these months ?   Starting  where you are now. ?

Keeping it simple.

A couple of weeks ago a friend was visiting from out of town  and I took her sightseeing in a little town called   Steventons, and we went to a cool little garden centre and I asked my friend  what her favourite colour theme was . She mentioned purples , yellows and whites.  I realized those where colours I also liked but never seem to plant. That day I purchased orange pansies and a beautiful purple daisy.     Fast forward to today, with some white allysum  added in,  the other plants were perennials that were there from last year.   Voila !  It is cheery and will be perfect when everything fills in

Be well.