Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Fetching

I had  decided to finally to take a picture of one of the gloves I had made made for my friend for the pay-it-forward #3.   I had made this glove first, but decided to modifiy it , so luckily I kept it and was able to take this picture.   I had not received a picture from my friend with her gloves, and I should no better to take my own pictures.   I also wanted to complete these posts on these 4 gifts

I did not catch a mistake on my cables around the wrist area.till I had completed them.  Then I also did a I decided to start all over, but did not undo the gloves.  I started a whole new one. I knew I would have plenty of yarn.     This fetching pattern is such a pretty pattern and the robin egg blue is probably one of my favourite colours.

I do believe you can still wear these gloves if you go out for a walk in the's been that cool still around here this spring.   Now I have one glove with no partner, will need to make the other, maybe in the Fall.

Alice xox

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I had been reflecting on why I  enjoyed the pay-it-forward  gift idea so much .  Why it resonated so much with me.   Here are some things I came up with:

Some people are gift givers by nature.  They love people , or they respect their art, and so they give.  Not for an ulteriour motive, but because it gives them joy.  Other people might need to consider the economic benefits first.  People want to know what's in it for them.  People who believe there" ain't no such thing as a free lunch and "every man for himself".    They are unable to give a true gift. .  They want something in return.  They want security or cash or both.  They haven't found the artist in themselves.

An artist knows that he is the source of his own inspiration, even if someone copies or takes his ideas, he is fine, becuase he will find another idea.   I believe true art is scarce , and in turn creates value.   
Some people think that you can't be generous until after you become a success.  They argue that they have to have theirs and then they can go ahead and give back.  An interesting fact is that the most successful people in the world are those who don't do it for money.  

Knitting for me is a way that a share my "art" . I have used other mediums over the years.  I know there are many other ways that I share myself, and that is an art in itself,  because I can   and want to, it is a selfish motive and but in this one everyone wins. 

Of course you can give someone a gift  and not have them react in a way you expect.   But when you give someone a gift   purely for them with no agenda it takes the pressure off in receiving and and there is great excitement and joy.

Now for a great master piece that's hard to duplicate.

Alice xox

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have  now completed with all my pay-it-forward gifts.   I thought I would find myself relieved in a way, but instead found myself feeling sad about it.   It was a wonderful project to be involved with, to do something for the purpose of someone else to be surprised and enjoy their unexpected gift.  Unexpected in a way that they knew they were receiving it , but never when.  I have now mailed them all.   The last two friends have received them.  But I did not get a picture of gloves #3 before sending them off, so I will have to wait to receive the pictures.  Gloves #4 I did take pictures and received a picture with my friend modeling them, them looked so pretty on her.

The #3 glove I did was the Fetching by Cheryl Niamath  in Debbie Bliss Aran Rialto .   I have done this pattern probably the most of any gloves. 

My friend's name is Marlee, who I made these for.   She lives a town that gets a lot of snow and cold for most of its winter, so I wanted something warm..  I probably should have made her the first glove pattern as that was even more wintry,  ( Axel Gloves)  but I  wanted everyone to get something individual.     I had this yarn in hand as I was going to make a beret with it, so I knew I had plenty of it, so no chances  of running out.    It's a robin egg blue, and that is one of Marlee's favourite colours.  Oh, another reason I did that gloves is that she did not own a pair of fingerless gloves.

I did do a modification of the pattern.  I made the first pair for me and found them to be a bit short.  So to extend the length,  .I did  25 rows instead of 18 for the hand length before starting the thumb. per the pattern, but next time I will just do more cable repeats at the cuff .   I think the gloves look more proportionate with more cable repeats on the cuff, than a increase length in the hand itself.

I first came across this pattern in my local yarn store as a sample.  I had not knit mitts in the past, so this a great first project.  It's also a very popular free down load on Ravelry.   This is the picture from the original pattern.

I will post  a picture of Marlee's gloves when I receive them. 

Alice xox

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cherry Beret

Combine a gorgeous yarn and a beautifuly  written pattern and this is what you get:
Pattern:  Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dacos
Yarn: Madelinetosh Pashmina

Modelling her new beret is Lillian, my mother-in-law.    She had requested for a new toque, so this was what we choose.  She was very pleased and  it looks great on her.

 Alana Dacos has great patterns and I wanted to try the Madelinetosh Pashmina, so this was a perfect match.    The yarn is hand dyed, this colour is called "cherry" but it's not anywhere near being red.   Somewhere between dark rose, burgundy tones..there is a touch of lavender through out as well. 

Makes for a very feminine, soft  beret than you can wear through out the year.

Alice xox