Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Fetching

I had  decided to finally to take a picture of one of the gloves I had made made for my friend for the pay-it-forward #3.   I had made this glove first, but decided to modifiy it , so luckily I kept it and was able to take this picture.   I had not received a picture from my friend with her gloves, and I should no better to take my own pictures.   I also wanted to complete these posts on these 4 gifts

I did not catch a mistake on my cables around the wrist area.till I had completed them.  Then I also did a I decided to start all over, but did not undo the gloves.  I started a whole new one. I knew I would have plenty of yarn.     This fetching pattern is such a pretty pattern and the robin egg blue is probably one of my favourite colours.

I do believe you can still wear these gloves if you go out for a walk in the's been that cool still around here this spring.   Now I have one glove with no partner, will need to make the other, maybe in the Fall.

Alice xox

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  1. Now I feel bad, took some pix today and posted them on Facebook...Love the gloves!!!