Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have  now completed with all my pay-it-forward gifts.   I thought I would find myself relieved in a way, but instead found myself feeling sad about it.   It was a wonderful project to be involved with, to do something for the purpose of someone else to be surprised and enjoy their unexpected gift.  Unexpected in a way that they knew they were receiving it , but never when.  I have now mailed them all.   The last two friends have received them.  But I did not get a picture of gloves #3 before sending them off, so I will have to wait to receive the pictures.  Gloves #4 I did take pictures and received a picture with my friend modeling them, them looked so pretty on her.

The #3 glove I did was the Fetching by Cheryl Niamath  in Debbie Bliss Aran Rialto .   I have done this pattern probably the most of any gloves. 

My friend's name is Marlee, who I made these for.   She lives a town that gets a lot of snow and cold for most of its winter, so I wanted something warm..  I probably should have made her the first glove pattern as that was even more wintry,  ( Axel Gloves)  but I  wanted everyone to get something individual.     I had this yarn in hand as I was going to make a beret with it, so I knew I had plenty of it, so no chances  of running out.    It's a robin egg blue, and that is one of Marlee's favourite colours.  Oh, another reason I did that gloves is that she did not own a pair of fingerless gloves.

I did do a modification of the pattern.  I made the first pair for me and found them to be a bit short.  So to extend the length,  .I did  25 rows instead of 18 for the hand length before starting the thumb. per the pattern, but next time I will just do more cable repeats at the cuff .   I think the gloves look more proportionate with more cable repeats on the cuff, than a increase length in the hand itself.

I first came across this pattern in my local yarn store as a sample.  I had not knit mitts in the past, so this a great first project.  It's also a very popular free down load on Ravelry.   This is the picture from the original pattern.

I will post  a picture of Marlee's gloves when I receive them. 

Alice xox

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