Sunday, February 27, 2011

Allison's Happy Dance Gloves

This is my first finished gift for one of my pay-it-forward friends.  I talked about this in my previous post..Secret Knitting.   I can now show it to you and she has already received them.

I had decided to make a glove for Allison as I knew she liked to be outdoors and had dogs as well for daily walks   Everyone has a pair of mitt of sorts, but not fingerless gloves. I also had to mail the gift so this was great   Something chunky, not lacy and very warm for long outdoor walks.   I knew she liked home knit slippers, so I thought this came pretty close to one.     

I had worked with 2 other fingerless glove patterns, but I wanted to do something new.  After browsing through Ravelry I found this pattern I really liked  Axel Fingerless Gloves , it had cables, which I really like and it was chunky weight, which I thought was more in line for what Allison needed, no lacy weight.  The interesting part that I really liked of this pattern, was that you could wear the glove fully extended to almost your finger tips or rolled up, very versatile.

I did not have the yarn at home, so I went shopping at my local yarn storm. I purchased  Malabrigo Chunky , it's 100% merino wool, hand dyed in a reddy tone, which was one of  Allisons favourite colours   I had worked with Malabrigo Lace before and really liked the yarn, so I knew this was going to be a perfect choice.    The pattern was easy to follow , it knit up quickly with  larger size double pointed needles.   The colour and yarn were so perfect, it was such a great shade of red, not too bright, more like a warm tone.  The yarn was so springy , soft, and very warm.    

The best part of knitting this was that Allison, was very happy with her gloves.   The perfect pattern and yarn to make both the recipient and the knitter happy.    A picture does speak better than words :

Allison's Happy Gloves
Sometimes words are just as good at conveying a feeling, this is an email from Allison -Lucy is her dog:

" I took Lucy to the park to frolic in the snow she loves it. I throw snowballs, and Lucy tries to catch    them, her favorite game, the gloves once again were perfect. :) My hand were warm, but I had my fingers free to handle her leash, of course I give in and take her off leash, I'm a softie..sigh.. It's so great to have warm hands, but the freedom to use my fingers for zippers, texting, whatever I need to do, AND my bad hand doesn't seize up from being cold...priceless :)"

Alice xox

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Around and Around We Go

I had  started a pair of socks for myself last year, I finished one sock, but somehow never got to the second.   I only own one other pair that made for myself, and I enjoy them so much, that I was motivated to finish this one.

.I began the  second sock last night  I had not written any notes, or posted on Ravelry, so I hoped I would get it right.  I started with the needles that were in the bag..2.0 mm, tiny..tiny needles.  I've only used one yarn for sock making so far and its called Trekking.

The only sock book I own is  "Getting Started Knitting Socks" by Ann Budd,  it's a great how- to, lots of step by step pictures.    Casted on in the right size, and so far it looks like it's the same as the first sock - what a relief.

 I find making socks so cool,  beginning is ok, but it's the home stretch when your doing the heel and then the foot and you can actually see a sock being formed.

 The way that I learnt how to knit socks is  from the  cuff  to the toes.   You can also make them toe up..but I haven't gone there yet.    I make a very simple, basic  sock.   The yarns by Trekkiing are so cool, it speaks for itself.

 I don't know if you can see the colours very well ...but i:ts very bright  and colourful.    Apple green tones and blues.   They are  fun to make and wear.  It's not as complicated as it looks.   You just have to try for yourself.

Alice xox

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wine & Roses

These are the finished Wine and Roses Fingerless Mitts that I posted earlier, but I had used the pattern photo on the post.  I had finished these a while back, but didn't get to take a picture of them.  Now, that picture is done and  I have been wearing them daily.  Our weather has been so mild, but they are light enough, but they are also very warm. I really loved this pattern, it looks alot harder than it is.   I want to work with this yarn again.     The colour is so much  prettier than in the picture.   So recommend this pattern and yarn.
PATTERN:  Wine & Roses Gloves
YARN:  SweetGeorgia Yarns Cash//Silk

They are so warm and light.

So delicate and feminine.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Secret Knitting

I have been knitting lately, but it's more like secret knitting.   I have joined a Pay-it-forward with some friends on my facebook,  It was a max of 5 people. I had 4 friends who committed to it . Those 4 friends will in turn commit to the first 5 people and etc.  You will receive one gift back to you not 5 as someone had questioned.  This is a pay-it-forward not a pay it back.   Great Idea !!!  The only criteria is that it is to be handmade, and you have the whole year to do it.   Lots of time right...but when it's winter you have way more ideas and yarn that you can have fun with.,  So all that said and done, I can not show you any pictures or discuss my patterns .    I did request from my  friends about their favourite and least favourite colours, as that is a  challenge in itself.  I don't believe anyone has any sensitivities,   so I've been searching through Ravelry,and checking out new samples at  my Local Yarn Store (LYS).   I'm narrowing it down.  I tend to find a pattern first and then find the yarn.  I've heard some people do it the other way around, I guess if you are in love a yarn that you must have, that can be another way.   I will go once again to the yarn store today and look at some yarn for my new patterns I found on Ravelry (which of course I can't tell you)   I'll keep you posted .

Alice xox