Sunday, February 27, 2011

Allison's Happy Dance Gloves

This is my first finished gift for one of my pay-it-forward friends.  I talked about this in my previous post..Secret Knitting.   I can now show it to you and she has already received them.

I had decided to make a glove for Allison as I knew she liked to be outdoors and had dogs as well for daily walks   Everyone has a pair of mitt of sorts, but not fingerless gloves. I also had to mail the gift so this was great   Something chunky, not lacy and very warm for long outdoor walks.   I knew she liked home knit slippers, so I thought this came pretty close to one.     

I had worked with 2 other fingerless glove patterns, but I wanted to do something new.  After browsing through Ravelry I found this pattern I really liked  Axel Fingerless Gloves , it had cables, which I really like and it was chunky weight, which I thought was more in line for what Allison needed, no lacy weight.  The interesting part that I really liked of this pattern, was that you could wear the glove fully extended to almost your finger tips or rolled up, very versatile.

I did not have the yarn at home, so I went shopping at my local yarn storm. I purchased  Malabrigo Chunky , it's 100% merino wool, hand dyed in a reddy tone, which was one of  Allisons favourite colours   I had worked with Malabrigo Lace before and really liked the yarn, so I knew this was going to be a perfect choice.    The pattern was easy to follow , it knit up quickly with  larger size double pointed needles.   The colour and yarn were so perfect, it was such a great shade of red, not too bright, more like a warm tone.  The yarn was so springy , soft, and very warm.    

The best part of knitting this was that Allison, was very happy with her gloves.   The perfect pattern and yarn to make both the recipient and the knitter happy.    A picture does speak better than words :

Allison's Happy Gloves
Sometimes words are just as good at conveying a feeling, this is an email from Allison -Lucy is her dog:

" I took Lucy to the park to frolic in the snow she loves it. I throw snowballs, and Lucy tries to catch    them, her favorite game, the gloves once again were perfect. :) My hand were warm, but I had my fingers free to handle her leash, of course I give in and take her off leash, I'm a softie..sigh.. It's so great to have warm hands, but the freedom to use my fingers for zippers, texting, whatever I need to do, AND my bad hand doesn't seize up from being cold...priceless :)"

Alice xox

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