Monday, May 30, 2011

Turn of the Glass Cardigan

Well, what can I say that a few pictures can say much better.   This pattern was one that I found in knitty which is a site with free knitting patterns.  I've never seen  this pattern, before, but I really liked the waist band with it's l ribbbed stitches, and   fitted look.   I  had the yarn in mind for it too, which was madelinetosh, and the colour I had seen one of my fellow knitters was making a cardigan with it as well.  I bought out the last 4 skeins that was left, and luckily the extra small size asked for that amount.  I was very aware of the fact that I couldn't get any more of that colour so I had to make sure I didn't run out.  

This cardigan is knit in one piece from the bottom up.  You make the sleeves separately till the underarms and then join it to the body.  I did get stumped with the instructions several times and was able to contact the designer Kathleen Dames, who answered back promptly.

Knitting is a skill like anything else, you get better and more confident with more experience.   This pattern is not a beginner level, you are working with graphs, and there steps that you need to get to without being told.

I learned alot from this pattern., like short row shaping, three needle bind-off for shoulder,.   Did not do right was the wrap and turn instructions for the sleeve cap.!!  That left the sleeve caps with small holes, which I later sewed by hand.  It wasn't till I asked somebody from my knitting circle that I realized that I had done something wrong.   Well, now I know.

The sweater blocked out really well, I was concerned that it was going to get gigantic.  If anything I probably could have done a small size and it have fit just fine.   Not used to a cardigan that doesn't wrap full around your breasts, but that is the design of so many patterns now.

The weather was bright and sunny yesterday so I got my husband to finally take some pictures.   They turned out rather well.

PATTERN:  Turn of the Glass, by Kathleen Dames

A side view of the beautiful waist shaping .

You can see on the back how the small cables wrap around, gives it such a classy look.

Of course I just finished it as our weather is getting warmer, but not that warm that I can't wear it in evenings.  The  yarn "madelintosh" is so soft and has a sheen like quality to it.  The colour is denim, so it's a fun colour that I know I well be wearing it at a lot.    Total thumbs up on this pattern and yarn .

Alice xox

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sorry,  to those of you who check the blog daily that I haven't written in a long time  I have  been giving the blog a new look.  Still work in progress.  

Here are 2 of my current projects.

This is  Legwarmies by Alana Dakos 

This is to be a birthday present for 7 yr. old girl in June, that pattern was free at my LYS and the yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.   I originally started out  per the pattern, with a 1" ribbing then switch to  stockinette on a 3-3.25 mm needle.   The finished length on the pattern was 9".   Once I had knitted 5" I had that feeling that this was looking too baggy for a set of spindly legs, not as the picture showed chubby little toddler legs.   I checked for sizing with on of my knitting friends as she had a daughter around that age.   The length needed to be at least another 2", but that didn't solve the largeness of it.   

I went to the my LYS the next day and was talking to one of the great ladies that work there and asked her opinion and she suggested doing the whole legwarmer in 2x2 ribbing and go down to a 2.75 mm needle. Wow!!..why didn't I think of that.    I went home and ripped  everything out  and started with the same number for cast on but went to a smaller needle and with the ribbing it tighten everything up.  Looks like a tube sock without the foot.  It will definitely fit those long lanky calves that  I'm gifting them for.   Thank you everyone for your input !!
This lovely is To Eyer by Carol Sunday

  We have a knit a long with a group of ladies from our knit night.  I'm traditionally not a shawl person but this one looked so pretty and cozy.  Knits up quickly I have aboubt 3/4 of it done.  Carol Sunday designed this shawl to  duplicate the ones worn by  Jane Eyer  as the movie is to be released shortly.  I've not read the books, so I've had to go online and check it out.  I've had to  put time into the legwarmers so this lovely is on hold.   

I've have also completed a beautiful cardigan which needs to have it's own individual post to do it's true honour.   I've even gone out to buy some new tops to do it justice, and now the pictures have not been taken.  Can't wait around for the weather to be sunny, as that has been a hit and miss this spring.

Thank you to everyone who checks the blog frequently, I don't know if you are knitting enthusiasts, so that has been my theme on this blog lately.      I have lots of interests so I could share that too.

Till the next time.

Alice xox

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

virginia's wine and oak gloves

Well, here is my the last pay-it-forward to post .  Started the pay-it-forward in January and completed all the gloves in mid March.   I had decided to make everyone gloves as gifts.

Virginia was the the last person to make a gift for.   She is a very close friend of mine, so I knew her tastes better.   I wanted to make her something feminine,  simple and artsy.    The colours she liked were mostly earth tones..but I knew she liked blues as well.  

I had seen  the Alana Dakos,  Oak Grove,   pattern  for sale at my local yarn store, but had not seen any sample or knew anyone making them.   The leaf motif was what drew me to this pattern.     It was a creative process ...after almost completing  I tried the glove (besides being too big for me) the leaf motif bunched up and I wondered how to change that.   After talking to a knitting friend , she suggested moving the leaf pattern higher up.   So that's exactly what I did.  I also changed the cuff hem on it as well.  

This was a quick knit once I knew how to modify it..there's more notes on what I changed on my  Ravelry page. Wine and Oak Gloves . I also chose the Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino to work with, it's such a soft yarn, and it came in a beautiful colour that I knew Virginia would like.

they looked so natural on the branch

or on a rock nestled on the moss

the best were on Virginia's hands

All my friends received their gloves in the winter months, and were able to enjoy them. We had a whole year to complete our gifts, but I knew this was a simple gift to make and also to mail them.    

I have started other projects since March of course, so it's time to write about them and share some pictures too.

Alice xox

Monday, May 2, 2011

marlee's fetching

My wonderful friend Marlee who received my pay-it-forward gift #3 sent me these pictures of herself modeling her gloves same day as I posted them.     Her pictures are so much better than mine.  Plus these are the ones I made for her and should be featured on her hands.     Thank you Marlee, for doing such a great job with the photos.  Without further adue here is Marlee's Fetching Fingerless Gloves:

The last gift will be posted soon.

Alice xoo