Wednesday, May 4, 2011

virginia's wine and oak gloves

Well, here is my the last pay-it-forward to post .  Started the pay-it-forward in January and completed all the gloves in mid March.   I had decided to make everyone gloves as gifts.

Virginia was the the last person to make a gift for.   She is a very close friend of mine, so I knew her tastes better.   I wanted to make her something feminine,  simple and artsy.    The colours she liked were mostly earth tones..but I knew she liked blues as well.  

I had seen  the Alana Dakos,  Oak Grove,   pattern  for sale at my local yarn store, but had not seen any sample or knew anyone making them.   The leaf motif was what drew me to this pattern.     It was a creative process ...after almost completing  I tried the glove (besides being too big for me) the leaf motif bunched up and I wondered how to change that.   After talking to a knitting friend , she suggested moving the leaf pattern higher up.   So that's exactly what I did.  I also changed the cuff hem on it as well.  

This was a quick knit once I knew how to modify it..there's more notes on what I changed on my  Ravelry page. Wine and Oak Gloves . I also chose the Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino to work with, it's such a soft yarn, and it came in a beautiful colour that I knew Virginia would like.

they looked so natural on the branch

or on a rock nestled on the moss

the best were on Virginia's hands

All my friends received their gloves in the winter months, and were able to enjoy them. We had a whole year to complete our gifts, but I knew this was a simple gift to make and also to mail them.    

I have started other projects since March of course, so it's time to write about them and share some pictures too.

Alice xox

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