Friday, July 15, 2011

Knitting Success

Today was a wonderful nephew came by for  a visit with his family and I got to give the girls all their gifts.    The only thing that I managed to take a picture was Erin (7yrs old) and Danica (5yrs old)with their Pretty Twisted Bracelet  It looks big on this picture so not an accurate picture of the size.  Both girls loved their bracelets !!  Erin was able to even put it on all by herself, but her 4 yr old sister needed some help. 

This is Danica with her Pretty Twisted Bracelet.  

Danica also opened her birthday present early and was not surprised to see she got legwarmers, but the fun part was I got see see them on I didn't get a picture !!  She also got the  Wisp Scarf  which was quickly completed yesterday.   The funny thing with the Wisp Scarf was that I thought I had been finishing a Christmas present of 2010 for her sister Erin and it was hers.    Didn't write any notes on it.  

There is great satisfaction in presenting a gift to someone in person and having them enjoy it and want to wear it right way.  

It's been a very successful and gratifying week of knitting !!


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