Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sweet End

Well here it is July 31 and I must say it's been a well travelled road.  

To write on a blog is easier if you  know people are reading it daily by the comments they leave, but it's another story when doing it solo.   Who or what are you doing for?  It's not like writing in a diary, your intimate personal thoughts (I guess some people do that too) so what purpose is it?   I feel that there are several modes for this outlet.   You are offering inspiring stories, sharing practical everyday accounts,or  promoting a service, this list can be long.    But one of the things about writing is just for the sake of writing. The  ability to have your thoughts free flow and be expressed.   A reader can feel the difference in the energy that it flows from.

I knew that I could stop anytime in the month, it wasn't like there was a blog police checking up on me, and I had told probably 2 other people what I was doing.    But there was a bit of a underlying fear of quitting, or jinxing myself if I did.   Time did fly by.   

I am writing this and then I remember "I haven't taken a picture of anything today to post"  then the pressure of how to take a great inspiring photo sets in.  I`m going to stop now and take one.

Remember the sunflower? , Here it is after almost 3 weeks from the last photo of it, probably won't see The ruler is against it for comparison   Probably won't see a flower till the end of August.  

Thank you everyone who comes to check here regularly,  hope you found  something put a smile on your face.

Alice xox

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