Friday, July 8, 2011

Unfinished Wisp

Wisp by Cheryl Niamath
  Do you ever have those times with your knitting where you find a bag with an  unfinished project?  Well I just did.   It contains a scarf I started in December as a Christmas gift.  You, know how it are going to make a scarf and mitts for 2 people and get as far as completing one set and then by the time you get to the second set...the pace changes and you are not having as much fun anymore. 

I did manage to get at least half of it started.  I think one of the reasons for the lack of excitement was the yarn.  I had used that same yarn and colour to make myself some socks.  So when it came time to make this scarf I needed  those exact colours (pink & browns)  it just made sense to buy it.   That's when I became bored with it. The first scarf was a fun colour way and fluffy warn, then I make the exact pattern again, and came to a   boredom halt.

I am seeing some headway now, and the pattern is so simple, there is no stopping now.

Have a great weekend everyone !!

Alice xox

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