Friday, July 22, 2011

Drifting Along


This Drifting Summer Cardigan  has been floating in  the lake for a long time. metaphorically speaking of course.     I picked it up last night and saw the hole where I had joined the new ball of yarn in the middle of the work..not pretty !!  I knew I had to rip it out, luckily I had not done many rows, but still it was 206 stitches.   

Joining a new ball of yarn would seem like it would be a basic , obvious thing to do right ??  Well, I messed up already.  I  then  had a flash of memory of a  conversation with my knit night friends about joining a new ball of yarn..but darn I couldn't remember how it went.    Sooo.. took the cardigan to the beginning of row...and looked it up on youtube and this is what I found..and it sounded like what I had heard that knit night.    It is  now a skill I have acquired and want to share this great here it is.. How to join a new ball of yarn.. 

   One thing that I am learning with my knitting, is that alot of it has been self-taught, just jumping in and learning the art, but I now I want to learn to master these skills, because I had made some things rather difficult on myself.   Experience is one thing, but if you keep repeating the same "wrong" things, it's time to fix it.   The best that has happened for me with Ravelry , and having the best local yarn store  around, is the support you get, and inspires you to improve your art.

Alice xox

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