Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hide and Seek

I don't know if you can see  this picture clearly but it's one our  cats Pixie.   This morning she went outside and, I couldn't find her .  We live in an area that has wild animals, like coyotes, so we don't let our cats go unattended for too long.      After a long search through neighbour"s yard  it occurred to me to check this one area..and there she was laying down in a plexiglass that sits over the back door overhang.   We have a trellis that our grapes grow against the house and this is one of the places she likes to hang out, but that is if she is let out through one of the windows, she is not very good at climbing those great heights anymore.  Here I had thought she had wandered far away and she had not strayed very far from where I last saw her.  

By the time I grabbed the camera to get a picture of her snoozing, she was now looking down at me, with this look that said " are you looking for me ? "   but with a little cat chuckle at the same time.     How can you be  mad with a look like that ???

Alice xox

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