Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drifting Along

Drifting by Cecily Glowick Mackdonald
 This is the back view of my current work in progress.   I have been admiring  Cecily Glowan MacDonald  patterns lately, there so many of her designs that I enjoy.    I had seen  Drifting done by one of my friends from my knit night and decided that this was something I also wanted  for summer.    I decided to work with cotton for something different and I loved this colour, it's called baked red.     It will be a super summer top, you can wear over top of a summer dress or tank top.

Once again I am challenging my knitting skills with Drifting.  I did get stumped with one of the increase instructions, right at the beginning and  couldn't find anything online, then sent my friend an email  who had knit this before and she kindly provided me with a link to a video on it.   Here is my link to my notes .

This is where I have stopped my Drifting , it would take no time to complete it, but I have legwarmers that I need to complete for  a birthday in July.   Don't know why, but I'm just not getting to those legwarmers like I should be, they really take no time to make, but I would rather pick my cardigan.   

As summer weather seems to be shy so far, it has not been too hot to knit.   I'm glad I'm working with the cotton on my cardigan, it's a different experience than working with wool all time.  Cotton is so much cooler too.

Now that I have a proper picture of my Drifting in progress it will inspire me to complete the legwarmers and get back to it, so I can enjoy wearing it this summer.

Alice xox

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