Thursday, January 12, 2012

What the heck

Hello my friends.   Apparently there are many of you do my read my blog..and personally commented on my absence of posts in January.     I honestly can't believe that much time has gone by in January.  Even though I have been knitting, I have nothing to show for it yet.    I'm getting picky with my pictures too, which doesn't help.  Now that I have given you lots of poor excuses for my absence, I was touched that people were reading my blog.

On monday night we started up our local knit night  after an absence from holidays, which is held at the yarn store.  It was packed with happy, friendly faces and also some new people from a distance.    It's fun to watch people interact with each other, helping one another if need be.  Sharing their skills and years of experience.   What struck me as the most intriguing was the fact the new crowd were women probably in their 55+ age who were being helped by woman in their 30 's age group.  The stereotype of an old granny style knitter, has been taken over by a fun, youthful, eager to learn and break the stereotypes of women knitters  Also in our group was a young woman , maybe 18 -21 yrs old, wearing one of her own creation, pink fashionable beret..came on her own.   Woman supporting and sharing with each other side by side with no barriers, but just for loving your art.

So since I didn't have any pictures taken of lately, I looked over at my cat moxie who was gravitating toward my knitting basket (picnic basket) found her way as before, but I couldn't resist boring you one more time with a picture of this... 

I'm sure I could close the lid, and Moxie would not budge.  Contentment wrapped in a furry body.

Alice xox

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  1. That was some Knit Nite! I had so much fun - the conversation was lively and the knitting was exciting. Isn't Moxie such a cutie curled up on your Tart Sweater:)