Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ripping and Starting

I have been someone who has never given too much priorities to her knitting, but over the last couple of years my perception and relationship to knitting has changed.   There is more respect and appreciation for what I make with my hands, more maturity.   So after reading this post and this one on starting the new year and how that reflects on your unfinished projects this is one that came to mind.

This was  Dragonfly Wrap .   I think I had started this almost 2 yrs ago, and honestly did not know where I was on the pattern anymore. It has now been officially ripped apart.   I still really like the yarn, so no loss there.

Things I want to knit now for 2012..I'm sure there will be more:

1.   I love my 2 pairs of socks I have made, and really need more.  So this is next Monkey Socks.

2.  I have never made myself a hat/beret so this Brambles Beret.  I even have the yarn for this too.

3.  Seen this worn at my local yarn store -  Cable Pullover in Vogue Knitting.  Will be pushing for a         Madelinetosh yarn on this one.  It looks way better in person that in the picture.

4.  And another Cable pullover. from Knitty.  I have a thing for cables and pullovers !!

I do have other projects in my stash picked out from a previous yarn sale, but that's not what I want to start first.  

Keep your needles ablazing.

"Never let your sense of morals keep you from doing what is right"  - Isaac Assinov

Alice xox


  1. That's a great knitting list for 2012 and thanks for the blog shout out:) I agree that if there's something that's been lying unfinished in your basket of WIPs for too long, it's better to rip and start afresh. All of sudden, you have a whole pile of "new yarn" to work some magic into! Good luck, all of us will be cheering you on!!

  2. What a great list Alice! I need some of that knitting mojo right now. I'm lurking on ravelry, but just can't seem to pick up the needles. I look forward to seeing your newest project on Monday night - let me know if you run into issues with the Brambles Beret.