Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Humour

It took awhile to even know who this person case you don't know it's Ryan Gossling.  I have to admit I enjoyed him in "The Notebook" but aside from that I found this quite humorous.  I could think of different males that I would prefer in this add but will leave it at that for now.  This is such a great way to  get a movement of an idea going by the masses, especially when it uses someone we know.  Now this is what came to my mind when I saw this:

  • Who is he?
  • Does he knit?
  • He does look cold
  • If you didn't know how to knit, you would be inspired to learn
  • Great way to change the knitting image
  • I wonder if he would like a scarf instead?
  • I wonder what size he takes?

I hope your Monday is going well.  Off to finish the button band on my Tart Cardi.

Alice xox

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