Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Everything is Your Favourite Thing

Ok, I can't help wanting to share this one as it just goes against what our society teaches us that "we are what we own". I have seen these websites being shared on facebook lately and have been reading them.   Now I know that clearing our clutter is good is for the soul but this takes it to another level. 

Here is the link to the site..remember to keep an open mind:

"The Minimalist"



  1. Very interesting and so true. This year one of our goals as a couple was: for every item we buy/acquire, we have to be willing to donate/sell/throw away two items unless it is absolutely essential. This has made us pause and assess what is really important to us and caused us to acquire less in general. It has also been one of the reasons I have been knitting from stash and I cannot tell you how freeing it has felt! You find the most interesting blogs, thanks for sharing this one too!

  2. Preeti, you are far ahead than me on this..good for your guys. I have slowly been accumulating yarn stash and will now make list of what I have and knit only from that. Lot's of sock yarn !