Friday, March 9, 2012

In the City

It's been a long time since a post..sorry about that.    Hope your life has been flowing in a positive way.

I have been knitting, but not taking pictures or writing my work down.  But it doesn't seem like I needed since I have been knitting the same  pattern 3x back to back.  You would think I could this pattern with my eyes closed, and not have mistakes, but not the case.  I was still making the same mistakes on the third hat.    CHECK WHAT YOU`VE you like it !!!    

Nice details

I not typically a hat person, but I have been wearing this almost everyday.  Love it !

This is the pattern for the Brambles Beret.   So, I made the first one to give as a gift, then I thought I stretched it out too much when I blocked it, and kept it for myself.  With the second one I did it is a dark grey, with this yarn.   It's 70% alpaca and 30% merino.   It's been a very enjoyable and quick project.  I have now packaged and send the second it out.  Hope to get a picture.

 Then upon wearing mine one night a very sweet daughter of my cousin like tit and so I offered to make her one.  She liked the colour on mine so back to working with the same colour again.   You can make one these hats with not even a full ball of this yarn.   I need to digress back to the conversation of this beret with my cousin's daughter.  She had mentioned seeing this style of beret in the stores for $40, we'll I didn't want to pop her bubble by saying that would be easy what I would have charged for this hat.  I don't think what they were selling at the store was alpaca and merino.   But sometimes you need to let people know why things cost what they do.     No, I am not charging her for any of my costs to this, it's totally made from the heart.  But I did say, I wanted a picture of her with it.

This week I went on a very exceptionally sunny winter day to visit a market  in city.  Hope you enjoy it.

Isn't the area beautiful !

Where people live and play

Mode of transportation

The Locals

Vendors in the market

Fresh veggies and fruit

Beauty everywhere

Quaint shops

Love these colours

Goodbye, come back soon.   I took a picture (bad me) while driving verrrry slowly.

Have a super weekend everyone !

Alice xox


  1. Thanks Alice, as always I appreciate your posts! Maureen

  2. I love your finished beret, it must be so soft and warm. Was this the one you wore to Knit Nite? I'm sure that the grey one you knit is fabulous too and well loved by your cousin's daughter!