Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look Who's Coming to Town

I bet you thought I was talking about Santa !  Well, for some of you who have little ones this is important news, but I do believe Santa has been in town  and in full action for several weeks now, but I'm not talking about him.   I'm talking about The Minimalist.   I've been reading their blog off and on for the last 6 months and really enjoy their writing and insights.    I found out they had been in Vancouver in the summer and was disappointed in the not getting to see them, but now I found out in  plenty of notice they will be on tour in December in Vancouver.    I thought it would be fun to go and listen to them speak and share in their journey.   Passing this along to any of you who may live in the area and may be interested in having an interesting, inspirational evening out. 

Alice xox

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  1. It will be a very interesting evening indeed. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on their talk.