Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colour Therapy

Doesn't this remind you of a field of tulips ?   It does to me.  

I typically don't work with pinks and roses but I am now.   I am making  a Cladonia Shawl in Madelnitosh sock weight, in a varigated yarn called "foxglove".  Foxglove is a combination of grey/green, cream, and a soft pink and raspberry pink.   It is such  cheerful colours to work with right now, while there is no colours like these to be seen outdoors where I live.   So glad I went with something different.

Up close on the needles.  Doesn't it just put a smile on your face?

I found these tulips today at the store and it reminded me so much of that yarn.    Pink is such a soothing and cheery colour...Colour Therapy I call it.

Sending  some brightness your way.



  1. Alice, this looks so pretty!

  2. I was thinking about your pretty shawl this week. With the grey lace border, this is going to be one pretty little shawl! I'm a big fan of pink, but you already knew that;)