Monday, December 19, 2011


This is Moxie sitting on Jim's lap.   If this isn't the look of relaxation, I don't no what is.     She looks like she she couldn't care less what happened around her, but I'm sure if a bowl of ice cream was to appear she would be wide awake in attention.

What do you do next when the lap disappears?  Well, find the next available pillow of course !

"I don't need you now..unless you appear with a lap or icecream" look.

"Now, I don't even know you exist pose"

Big sis Pixie, also taking the role of " do as others do on Sunday afternoon"

Pixie, is known to not like Moxie too close to her, and this is "too close".  On the same couch !!!   She quickly awakens from her slumber.

I do remember a time with our first stray cat we adopted, she was not allowed up on the couch.  My, how things how now changed with these two  Or maybe it's more about how we have changed.

Alice xox


  1. Such a perfect Sunday afternoon! I love the look of contentment on their sweet faces:)

  2. Such a peaceful sight...