Saturday, July 2, 2011


This morning I saw this little plant and thought I would clip the old flowers off.  But after doing it I realized that it had still lots of new buds that had not bloomed yet...too late.    This picture was taken after the clipping was done.

The plant is called Kalanchoe.   I have 2 of them and they have been my favourite flowering  house plants.  I only have had since the beginning of the year.   The ones I have are covered with fuschia pink or red flowers.   The flowers last for a couple of months and they look so fresh.   I started to dead head the flowers and discovered that new ones came back.   I guess this time I got a little ahead of the game.   

After the initial hair cut I saved the flowers and put them in this pottered water glass.

So If you want a flowering house plant that's hardy and looks beautiful and not too much fussing..this is a great one.  I don't do anything else with it except water it.    So I am learning what they are like.  One is in the bathroom and it seems to bloom longer as it's not in direct sunlight, but this one is getting alot of direct light and sun.  I don't think it will like it through the summer months of direct sunlight.   Have to find a new home.

Enjoying them side by side.

Alice xox

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