Saturday, July 30, 2011

They Say it's your Birthday

Can you believe  it, I've just about blogged daily for 30 days straight.    

Tomorrow will be my last day.  

I want to start reading from day 1 and see how it all evolved.  

 I thought I would write more personal stuff, but didn't find myself pulled to do it.   I don't want to read other people's stuff, so I'm certainly not going to write mine.   I did see that the majority of the readers to this blog is from Ravelry, which means knitting enthusiasts, but then you don't want to be reading or writing totally on one subject.   I did discover that writing for 30 days straight in the summer, resulted  in talking about our garden, so I guess depending on the time of year, you will find your interests will guide you in your subject.     I did find taking a photograph challenging, as you can write just about anything, but to take a photograph every day more intimidating.  That's a skill I'm still new at.   I commend the people who do this full time.

Onto a way better subject....look at this pretty thing !

This is  another one of the Pretty Twisted bracelets by Cat Wong, that I made for a friends birthday.   I wasn't sure if this would be something she would like, after all it's quite a unique piece of "jewelry".   I have to say my friend was totally surprised and happy with her gift, which made me so very pleased for  her and for me.   It really looked so pretty on her.   

Till tomorrow.

Alice xox 

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  1. Beautiful craftsmanship,colours and a thoughtful gift. Thankyou