Saturday, February 5, 2011

Secret Knitting

I have been knitting lately, but it's more like secret knitting.   I have joined a Pay-it-forward with some friends on my facebook,  It was a max of 5 people. I had 4 friends who committed to it . Those 4 friends will in turn commit to the first 5 people and etc.  You will receive one gift back to you not 5 as someone had questioned.  This is a pay-it-forward not a pay it back.   Great Idea !!!  The only criteria is that it is to be handmade, and you have the whole year to do it.   Lots of time right...but when it's winter you have way more ideas and yarn that you can have fun with.,  So all that said and done, I can not show you any pictures or discuss my patterns .    I did request from my  friends about their favourite and least favourite colours, as that is a  challenge in itself.  I don't believe anyone has any sensitivities,   so I've been searching through Ravelry,and checking out new samples at  my Local Yarn Store (LYS).   I'm narrowing it down.  I tend to find a pattern first and then find the yarn.  I've heard some people do it the other way around, I guess if you are in love a yarn that you must have, that can be another way.   I will go once again to the yarn store today and look at some yarn for my new patterns I found on Ravelry (which of course I can't tell you)   I'll keep you posted .

Alice xox

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