Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Project - Lacy Fingerless Gloves

Wine and Roses Fingerless Gloves

Had to show my new project I started in the new year. It's not my  picture, but from the pattern on Ravelry.   One of the ladies in my knit night,  was wearing a pair, done in black, so sexy and feminine.  Never done anything like that.  Bought the yarn, it's cashmere and silk, very fine and soft.  Tiny needle size 2.25mm in the round, seemless .  It's not a beginners pattern,you need to know how to read charts and not require detailed   instructions.   I usually do need  that.... lots of detail instructions and I have not worked off charts much.  But now I find I'm more confortable and do prefer the charts, not so much reading, but you do have to be meticulous on keeping track of where you are.  It's always a good idea to have a friend that you can call on, like my local yarn store, such incredible patient women.  Also had help from Angela, from my knit group, who made these gloves.      

It does not take long to knit them, but I prefer the daytime for seeing the chart more clearly and to catch any dropped stitches - oops !     Finished the first glove today, probably took me a week, but have not been working on them steadily.   I promised myself I would start the second, since everything is still fresh, and I won't curse the pattern, for not explaining more clearly - haha.    Will post a picture  as soon as I finish...more like start.

Alice xox


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