Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Search

Wanted to share some reading I've been doing..this is a book I've had for years:  I plan on sharing some points that I find very powerful, here is the first, hope you find in it meaningful:

"Every moment of our life is a relationship.  There is nothing except relationship.  At this moment my relationship is to the rug, to the room, to my own body, to the sound of my voice.  There is nothing but my being in a relationship at each second.  As as we practice what grows in our life is this first, our realization that there is nothing but being in a relationship to whatever is happening in each moment, and second, our growing commitment to this relationship.  Now that seems simple enough - so what interferes?  What blocks our commitment to a specific human relationship, or to studying, to working, to having a good time? 

Because we don't understand what it means to be in a relationship to the present moment, we search.  What are we searching for? Depending on our particular life, our background and conditioning, what we search for may seem different from one person to another but really we're all looking for an ideal life.  We may define it as an ideal partner, an ideal job, and ideal place to live.   Even if other people's ideals sound very foreign to us, people are sure of what it is they think they have to find.  And they are searching for it".     (to be continued)

 - taken from Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck.

Alice xox

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