Monday, May 30, 2011

Turn of the Glass Cardigan

Well, what can I say that a few pictures can say much better.   This pattern was one that I found in knitty which is a site with free knitting patterns.  I've never seen  this pattern, before, but I really liked the waist band with it's l ribbbed stitches, and   fitted look.   I  had the yarn in mind for it too, which was madelinetosh, and the colour I had seen one of my fellow knitters was making a cardigan with it as well.  I bought out the last 4 skeins that was left, and luckily the extra small size asked for that amount.  I was very aware of the fact that I couldn't get any more of that colour so I had to make sure I didn't run out.  

This cardigan is knit in one piece from the bottom up.  You make the sleeves separately till the underarms and then join it to the body.  I did get stumped with the instructions several times and was able to contact the designer Kathleen Dames, who answered back promptly.

Knitting is a skill like anything else, you get better and more confident with more experience.   This pattern is not a beginner level, you are working with graphs, and there steps that you need to get to without being told.

I learned alot from this pattern., like short row shaping, three needle bind-off for shoulder,.   Did not do right was the wrap and turn instructions for the sleeve cap.!!  That left the sleeve caps with small holes, which I later sewed by hand.  It wasn't till I asked somebody from my knitting circle that I realized that I had done something wrong.   Well, now I know.

The sweater blocked out really well, I was concerned that it was going to get gigantic.  If anything I probably could have done a small size and it have fit just fine.   Not used to a cardigan that doesn't wrap full around your breasts, but that is the design of so many patterns now.

The weather was bright and sunny yesterday so I got my husband to finally take some pictures.   They turned out rather well.

PATTERN:  Turn of the Glass, by Kathleen Dames

A side view of the beautiful waist shaping .

You can see on the back how the small cables wrap around, gives it such a classy look.

Of course I just finished it as our weather is getting warmer, but not that warm that I can't wear it in evenings.  The  yarn "madelintosh" is so soft and has a sheen like quality to it.  The colour is denim, so it's a fun colour that I know I well be wearing it at a lot.    Total thumbs up on this pattern and yarn .

Alice xox

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  1. Smashing! Yours is better than the one illustrating the pattern. :)
    ~pj in mich