Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have for the last couple of weeks had someone on my mind from the hometown I grew up and went to school.   She had contacted me through facebook, I knew the name but I couldn't put the face together.   Even her photos, didn't register a recognition.   Just yesterday I was looking through her pictures once again, and there was one in particular with her smiling that just jumped me  back in time,    It was like looking at one of those 3D pictures, or the ones that have an old lady and a young lady both in the picture.  You keep staring at and just don't see it , and then you catch something and it just pops , and it's there, so obvious.  How did you miss it.  You get so excited.    That's what it was like with her picture, there she was as I rememberd.   But it was the smile,  the eyes that triggered it.   Also when you recognize them visually , you somehow remember their voice and other things about them.   Some people remember things by  auditory, their laughter, or the sound of their voice.   Or kinesthetic, how they felt around you  or their touch.  Or their perfume or cologne.   We have such great potential to touch someone in such simple ways that we don't even know our on power.   I realized that, one word, a  gesture, or look, can have on someone else to make a wonderful memory.   We can remember everything that's ever happened to us, but we need to find a way to trigger  those connections that were  wired into to our brain to form the memory.   We  never lose anything or anyone,  unless of course we choose not to remember.  
 Such fun !

Alice xox

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