Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's talk knitting.....


It's funny....I have not posted  anything on  knitting.   It's been an interesting process,  creating  a  blog,  trusting yourself and not getting  caught up on how others  will think about it.  

Now for some knitting.. the  tank top has turned out  to be my favourite piece of garment I've ever made. It would be awesome  to knit  in a variety of  colours, and wear  it  all year round.  The yarn is  cotton with a small percentage of elastic, so fits like a glove., so very sexy and pretty too. -  the sides have a lacy mesh pattern.   Tank Top pattern
The market bag  was completed  a couple of months ago, but didn't take any pictures .   Love the colour, a cinnamon brown, the mesh pattern is so pretty.   I use   it for grocery shopping and get lots of compliments, a strong and very purposeful bag.    Total thumbs up on this  as well.   Market Bag pattern


  1. Love the tank top and the market bag - they both look wonderful!

  2. love your top!!!! it is just great!!!